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Kiss and Lick - FOH

The funny thing about living in a forest the majority of your life is that you don't pick up social cues. Meaning, licking people isn't always social acceptable. Especially if you're tongue is a weird color. And if you are a spider. 

Points to Araneae plz. 

Araneae - MEEEEE

Io - Artistic-Twist

For the mod's convenience, this was near 60 layers coming together to make 22 frames of animation. 

Safety Goggles - DCM
NAME: Safety Goggles




RANK:  I - Human 

WEAPON: MAD Science! ( Scalpels, weird potions, dangerous gadgets, maybe even biological experiments! ) 

Goggs has a strange personallity. No ones entirely sure if he's just one or those "switch" people or if he has some kind of mild personality disorder. One thing that is certain is that there are two kinds of Goggs that one could meet:

The most usual kind of Gogg people will run into is Hunch!Gogg. Hunch!Gogg is a somewhat subdued and quiet person. Because of his mysterious ability to undo any buttons on his coat when standing up, he is almost always hunched over. At first glance, Hunch!Gogg seems like a very shy and introverted person when instead he is a very grumpy and judgemental person.

Which is something that's kind of shared between both Goggs. Goggs sees most people as total morons and he will not hesitate in calling them that. However, his way of insulting people will leave some people more confused than others. One of his favorite insults is to call people "pudding heads." Whenever Goggs stands up straight and the jacket comes undone, Hot!Goggs shows himself.

Hot!Goggs is the much more vocal, much more approachable Goggs. Approachable meaning he will approach you and try to talk science at you and not exactly explain it. Even if you are completely lost, Hot!Goggs will continue to talk your ear off. He's very excitable as Hot!Goggs, which is usually the thing that triggers his "transformation." Whenever he gets excited about something, he'll immediately stand straight up and push his goggles onto his forehead. 


Safety Goggles was born to a family of very reputable scientists, an accomplished biochemist and a celebrated physicist. Of course Goggs was pushed into the life of science. Early on, it was a perfect fit for him. Goggs took to science like it was a glove. Early on he was the apple of his parent's eye and was called a child prodigy. Because of this, he got quite a bit of attention early on. He didn't exactly welcome the attention, hunching over to hid himself from others at times, but he still loved science.

One thing that really interested in were the oddities of science. Gene-splicing, shrink rays, aliens, legendary monsters, creating monsters. Though, his parents didn't share his interest. They chewed him out for this "pseudo-science" and tried their best to steer him to "real science." Despite their attempts, he stayed enamored with dark and strange experiments. In secret he toiled away at experiments, thinks like death rays, making a catdog, making a frankenstein monster, each experiment becoming more and more macabre.

Eventually, his experiments were discovered and he became a pariah of the scientific community, even becoming shunned by his parents in order for them to save face. He was cast into obscurity, barely avoiding jail time and was labeled a fake scientist. Goggs begun hating the world, despising people for not understanding his experiments and for being "pudding brains." He hid off from the world, preforming experiments in secret. 

- Loves ice pops. 
- Hates stupid.
- Very distrusting of other scientists.
- Loves "enlightening" others.
- Is still working on that Frankenstein monster.
- Hunch!Goggs
- Hot!Goggs
ShotBee - DCM by NaiveSpaceman
ShotBee - DCM

    Ghost: ShotBee

    Weapon: Guns

    - Guns fire different spikes. Regular, drills, stun and drone spikes.

    - He can also fly and buzz about.

    Heavens amount reward: 8 Heavens

    Status: Active

    Info: ShotBee was once a super-obsessed Tokusatsu monster fan. Aside from loving the heroes like most, he had a strange obsession for the villains. He always went to cons dressed as the villains of the shows in almost picture perfect costumes he made himself. He started scouring the internet and message boards looking for ways to become a monster. Through one message board, Bling Ring found him. After getting in contact with him, she told him that if he killed himself, she could make him into a monster. He did so without a second thought. Bling took his spirit and turned him into a villanous ghost. Though she thinks what he calls himself is the stupidest name she ever heard.
Araneae Chibi - FOH by NaiveSpaceman
Araneae Chibi - FOH

points to Araneae.

Buckle n' Bling - DCM by NaiveSpaceman
Buckle n' Bling - DCM
SO YEAH. Buckle and Bling are actually good friends. They've known each other since childhood. Buckle was one of the only kids who didn't taunt and tease Bling like everyone else. They remained friends until the day that Buckle was gunned down in a feat of failed heroism. By that time Bling was already getting into Hell Corp and made sure the goons who gunned her down didn't leave Daten City alive. 

Buckle is super stoked about what happened, Bling obviously isn't so much. But they're glad to be able to hang out again, despite literally being natural enemies now. 

Also, Buckle thinks in crayon.

Points to Bling


Steam Summer sale. I want money. I will draw for money.

Sketches - $2

Line arts - $5

Full Color - $9

Full Color and Shaded - $10

Chibis - $5

Character Turnaround/Ref Page - $9 - $11

3D Bust - $30 Example:

Background +$1

Extra character +$3

If you want to commission me then note me and we can discuss what you want and I can give you my Paypal account.

Prices can change, depending on what exactly you want but they'll usually stay around these prices. They'll be discussed.


Sketch Example by NaiveSpacemanCG Modeling - Polistes Rapere Venator Turnaround by NaiveSpacemanCG Modeling I - Venator Beauty Shot by NaiveSpacemanThe Spider Prince by NaiveSpacemanLOO - Gavan Reference Picture by NaiveSpacemanPouty Gavan by NaiveSpacemanVaxeen the Antibody by NaiveSpacemanSequioa the Nature Mage by NaiveSpacemanAziz the Peddler by NaiveSpacemanPony Examples 1 by NaiveSpacemanPW - Gale Winters - No APP by NaiveSpacemanPony Examples 2 by NaiveSpaceman

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