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Buckle - DCM App by NaiveSpaceman
Buckle - DCM App

NAME: Buckle

AGE: 32

GENDER: Female

HEIGHT: 5'5"





Very few are as excitable and energetic as Buckle. She can very easily get herself worked up by what seems like pretty small things to others. Any related to superheroes such as a collectible can immediately have Buckle gushing and fawning over it. If she has her eyes set on a certain collectible, she'll been relentless in getting it. Not only in that, but she can get relentless in chasing down any criminals, ghost and/or demons that get the idea of running from her. Even if they lose her, she'll be searching the area for hours. 

Buckle has a penchant for flair, thanks to the superhero shows having so much of it. She tries to put a but of flair in almost everything she does. She also likes to play the dramatic role at times, sometimes without it even being called for. While that was the whole reason she died in the first place, she's found that she can now go about doing this without getting too badly hurt. This can add to her arrogance. Speak of it, she can be pretty arrogant. With her superheros always winning in the end, she believes that because she sees herself as a hero, she will always win. 


Buckle grew up with her eyes glued to the TV. The masked heroes that were displayed on TV dominated her childhood. She truly admired them and wanted more than anything to become like them. She wanted to be one of the first legitimate female superheroes in Japan. While Buckle was very gifted in her science classes, extremely gifted even, she only blew through those classes so that she could sooner persue her dream. She was even offered a scholarship to pursue chemistry, but turned it down for an opportunity to join the company that created the heroes and shows she so adored. 

Buckle went through audition after audition but was turned down every time. Mostly due to the fact that the studios just were not looking for a female superhero for their shows. Eventually they stopped taking Buckle's calls and actively ignored her. At one point after one instance of breaking and entering, she was even banned from the studios and given restraining orders. 

However, legal was not enough to break her spirit. Buckle decided that if she could not join her heroes on the screen, she could be the first hero on the street! Buckle spent all her savings and two weeks of her time creating her vision of what she would be as a hero. She dawned the suit and took to the streets where she learned of Mob activity in the docks. 

Buckle took to action to stop the criminals! ... and was immediately gunned down.

While Buckle died then, her strong urge for justice continued to live even as she inhabited Heaven as one of it's many angels. Over time she began to fully understand what it meant being an angel now and what kind of power she now had. While Buckle now had the power to actually be a super hero, there was no crime for her to fight in heaven. She started attempting to 'save' people from small things like falling over or eating something that looked bad. 

Eventually, she developed something of an ego and quite the amount of Pride in herself. She started thinking of herself as invincible and gave herself a sense of duty. So much so that she became a major annoyance in heaven. Eventually, she was ousted due to her newfound pride and arrogance. 

However, this seemed to be a blessing to her. Dumped out on the mean streets of Daten City filled with criminals, demons and ghosts, she found herself at home. Now she had actual villains to fight and she was happier than ever.


+ She likes superheroes. Bet you couldn't guess!
+ Her favorite meal is pizza
+ She can hook her katars to her legs
+ Every time she takes her weapons out, she keeps her "uniform" on.
+ I tried to find a techno version of this, but I couldn't so this is her transformation theme
My own Event, with Orgies and Strippers! {DCM} by NaiveSpaceman
My own Event, with Orgies and Strippers! {DCM}
Task 1 - Ruin the Sweet Jesus Charity event

Furcoat sought fit to, instead of directly attacking the event like a certain, crude chap, make a bigger and much more fun event. 

The orgies, the strippers, the music, the food, all offered for free to those who attend the event instead of that lame charity. 

Furcoat - DCM Application by NaiveSpaceman
Furcoat - DCM Application

NAME: Furcoat

AGE: 29


HEIGHT: 5'7"


WEAPON: Odachi, similar to a katana but with a longer length on both the blade and the hilt. 


Furcoat is full of himself. He is brimming with arrogance and self-confidence. Coming along with this, he's very protective of his image to others and his actual looks. So much as getting dirt on his shoes or even messing up his hair just a little bit. Actually damaging anything of his appearance is enough to send him into a blind rage. 

Furcoat is a bit of a sadist. He enjoys toying with others and tricking them. This goes along with one of his main skill sets, charm and seduction. The main reason for Furcoat being where he is, is that he is extremely adept at charming others. He has an infectious charisma that makes it so much easier for others to fall for his whims and others to agree to do things they wouldn't normally. Such as selling their souls to Hellcorp or making the loyal viewers believe something.

Furcoat enjoys nothing more than the celebrity lifestyle. He enjoys watching hundreds swoon over him and enjoys the adoration and admiration he receives from them. He loves the finer things as well, having the best hair stylist, having the best food, the best living accomidations. Which in turn makes him easy for his superiors to control. Anything that he fights them on can be ended immediately by threatening to stick him in another, less glamorous job. 


Furcoat has always craved power and wealth, even as a simple grunt. Thankfully for him, he did not have to wait too long to get it. He very quickly found out that he had a way with others. At least weaker-willed others. Furcoat had a natural silver tongue, a face and a voice that just made others infatuated with him, willing to do whatever for him. 

His superiors took note of this, after he attempted to sweet talk his way into some promotions unsuccessfully. While his words and charm didn't take with them, they did notice it's potential. Furcoat wasn't able to charm his superiors into giving him a high up position, but he was able to gain the lifestyle he wanted. 

He was given the job of infiltrating the human entertainment industry. With his charisma and charm, Furcoat quickly gained a large following as an idol. He started appearing in dramas, game shows, talk shows and even started recording singles. With such a grip on the consumers of the entertainment industry, he started having some sway. Though it's less so about him having a hand in anything, but more so him being Hellcorp's hand in the entertainment and media industry. 


-Enjoys Caviar and Fondue
-Will only eat finer chocolates. Everything else is poor-people chocolate.
-Likes anything he considers exotic
- Transformation theme
OH HOHOHOHOHO~ : FOH by NaiveSpaceman
Will do a transparent version later. 

This is BandaLADY and her noblewoman's laugh. 

Just a pose I wanted to do for her. Essentually stole a Naga pose. 

Points to Banda.  This counts as birthday art, right?
The Lady - FOH App by NaiveSpaceman
The Lady - FOH App

: The Lady; real name, Banda

Age: 29

Date of Birth: June 15th

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 122lbs

Gender: Female

Race: Twili

Class/Occupation: Trickster (Magician)

Alliance: Neutral Evil


+Pretty Men
+Taking over Hyrule
+Gaining minions


+Being Broke
+Smart people
+Being made fun of
+Failing at scams
+Being dirty
+Annoying minions


The Lady is as close to a steriotypical goofy, female villain as you can get. She's vain as she can possibly be, thinking of herself always in a very high regard and claiming to be the most beautiful woman in Hyrule. She's extremely selfish, she will hoard anything of value that she gets. Lady is also bratty, impulsive, and pretty violent, even to her own minions. Especially when they say something that really annoys her. 

As stated before, one of Lady's biggest fantasies is her wish to take over all of Hyrule. That is her main goal and what most of her plans are geared towards. Her second goal is to get unbelievably rich, which she works on doing along with her world domination goal. She normally attempts to achieve being rich and fund her domination using elaborate scams to steal people's money. Another fantasy, which she plans to meet once she dominates Hyrule, is to obtain a harem of handsome and beautiful men. This fantasy can often distract her if she comes across someone who catches her fancy. 

Lady's violent temper can also cause her to be distracted and can often cause someone get the upper hand in stopping her from getting away or getting caught in a scam. Her temper can be ever so apparent when one or more of her minions screw up her scam or say something that insults her. 

Despite all her temper and evil tendencies, The Lady is not truly a horrible person. She does not go out of her way to hurt someone during her scams nor does she have any wish to ever kill someone. While she may hit others when she gets mad, she has no wish to see anyone seriously injured. She can even show some compassion, especially to children or her minions in critical, serious moments. 


Banda was abandoned on Hyrule for reasons she has yet to learn. She was taken into a Hylian orphanage at an early age, where she became quite popular with the other kids due to her race. They had yet to see someone like her. At this early age, she got her first taste of power and she very much enjoyed it. 

She spent close to seven years at the orphanage, before she was kicked out. Banda had been stringing the other Orphans into running scams for her and even took quite a bit of the orphanage's savings. 

The first few months on the streets at the age of 10 was hard for Banda, she had already gone though her scammed and stolen money. Eventually, she charmed several street thugs and strung them along into running scams for her throughout the city. After quite a number of successful scams, she started to run into the law more often. 

After several close calls with the law, she took up an old Twili mask and gave herself the identity of "The Lady." When she took that identity, she became much more bold in her activities. When robbing people on the road, she'd loudly declare her name so that everyone would know of The Lady. She could also take to dramatic flair when revealing herself whenever she was found out during her scams. 

Soon, light scams and having a few thugs fawn over her wasn't enough for her. She wanted more. More rupees, more men, more power. She decided that one day she'd take total control of Hyrule, and graduate from The Lady to The Queen.

Other information:



Soon to be everyone, once she takes over Hyrule! Fuwahahahaha!

Rp method

Prefer DA Chats, will do notes, Skype is for close friends only.

Steam Summer sale. I want money. I will draw for money.

Sketches - $2

Line arts - $5

Full Color - $9

Full Color and Shaded - $10

Chibis - $5

Character Turnaround/Ref Page - $9 - $11

3D Bust - $30 Example:

Background +$1

Extra character +$3

If you want to commission me then note me and we can discuss what you want and I can give you my Paypal account.

Prices can change, depending on what exactly you want but they'll usually stay around these prices. They'll be discussed.


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  • Listening to: Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Reading: Deadpool Vol 3
  • Watching: Scott Pilgrim vs The World
  • Playing: Pokemon Black
  • Eating: Tacos
  • Drinking: Dr. Pepper

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