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FOH - Sugala Application by NaiveSpaceman
FOH - Sugala Application

: Sųgaλa

Age: 32

Date of Birth: April 9th

Height: 6'7"

Weight: 154lbs

Gender: Female

Race: Gerudo

Class/Occupation: Mercenary 

Alliance: Chaotic Neutral


+Pretty Men
+Kidnapping a certain Zora


+Escort jobs
+Bodyguard work
+Losing bets
+Listening for too long
+Sharing a certain Zora


If there were ever a woman who stood as an example of what it means to represent Power, it would be Sųgaλa. The sheer size and strength of this woman would be enough to show pure power on their own, but beyond that Sųgaλa has an indominable will and an extreme level of stubborness. Unless money is being held up to her face, it's her way, the high way, or the pay her way. If she wants something she will not be hesitant in using force to get it. This has led to her gaining a bad reputation and how she got her name. 

Despite the strong, independent, Gerudo personallity to her, Sųgaλa does want to snag a man of her own. And by 'snag a man of her own,' she literally means grabbing up a man she likes, whether he shares her feelings or not. After all, not every Gerudo woman can bang Ganondorf. 

Another thing that she wants is more swords. Sųgaλa is an avid collector of swords, most of the time trying to take swords from other sword users. She plans on creating a style of fighting that relies on using a large amount of swords on the fly. She hopes to one day become known for her proficiency in swords. 


Sųgaλa has no idea what the circumstances of her birth were. As far back as she can remember, she was relying on scavenging and stealing to get buy. She had no parents or home to call her own, so she learned pretty quickly that if she were to survive on her own she would need to become powerful. At the time, that meant becoming as strong as possible. She began to work her body day after day. 

As her body got bigger and stronger, life became much easier for her. Her size and strength was greater than most others in the desert, which meant she could easily take whatever she wanted. She began known by many Gerudo for her violent and aggressive tendancies, criminally so. Soon the nameless woman was given a name, Sųgaλa, meaning Danger or Dangerous in Gerudo. 

With her face known and hated to many Gerudo villages, Sųgaλa took to living in makeshift camps in the desert. She became a Highwayman, attacking and robbing people passing through the desert. However, others grew tired of her actions and mounted a combined effort to capture her. They were successful and she was brought before a Gerudo court. Instead of executing her, they instead decided to force her into service, where she was made to serve as a guard for seven years. 

While she utter despised working as a guard, she did learn some invaluable skills, such as perfecting her combat and sword skills. After those seven years were up, she decided to instead of going back to her old tendencies, she took up the profession of Mercenary in the hopes that she could still fight and kill people without having to bow to a greater authority. Well. She still kind of had to, but now she could name her own price. 

Other information:



A Certain Zora Waifu

Rp method

Prefer DA Chats, will do notes, Skype is for close friends only.

LT - Victoria Cervine APP

Victoria Cervine
Gender:  Female 
Age: 23
Orientation: Straight
Pokemon: Xerneas
Birthday: August 9th 
Dream Job: Chief of Police
Special Talent: Video Games
Move Set: 

Take Down


Video Games
BB Guns
Board Games


Black Coffee
Scary Movies


Ever had something that acted just so nice and polite that it was just scary? That is the kind of person that Victoria is. No matter the situation, Victoria has that calm, Minnesotan voice and polite, courteous attitude. Even when facing the worst of criminals, she will be nothing short of sweet and nice to them, even apologising for having to arrest them. 

Keeping that overly polite demeaner, Victoria actually has a big competitive streak. When playing paintball or a videogame, she gets very physically into the game, focusing completely on beating everyone else even while apologising for doing it. At times she can be very vindictive in her games, though usually only if one cheats at the game or wins by cheap or otherwise wrongful means. 

With her absolute admiration for cops, Victoria buries her whole life in her work. Because of this, she had memorized every single law and protocol that people and cops most follow. Knowing all of this, she is very strict with carrying out the law. Some things that cops will let slide, she will take you in for. She is extremely ruthless when seeing any 'wrong doing.'


Victoria grew up in a normal, middle class apartment in the city. With her being the single child and her parents working quite a lot, Victoria spent a lot of time playing video games or at the paintball area. One thing that Victoria played a lot of, was videogames about cops. Playing those games, Victoria grew a huge admiration for Police Officers. 

Soon she started her law enforcement career by becoming the longest running Hall Monitor in her high schools history. Meanwhile, she began taking early Criminal Justice classes. She excelled those classes with scores that utterly eclipsed scores in all her other classes. After graduating High School, she took to taking the advanced criminal justice classes at her community college. 

When she finished all of those classes, she enrolled in the nearest Police Academy. Her success and drive to do the best she could didn't stop. She was one of the top cadets in the academy and was the cadet with the second best scores of her class. After she graduated she was assigned to a post in Lotus Town, where she patrols now. 

LT - Dragon Del Cielo App by NaiveSpaceman
LT - Dragon Del Cielo App

Dragon Del Cielo (Real name hidden from public record)
Gender:  Female 
Age: 29
Orientation: Straight
Pokemon: Rayquaza
Birthday: June 9th 
Dream Job: Wrestler
Special Talent: Athletics/Fighting
Move Set: 

Rock Smash
Sky Drop


Action Movies
Breaking things


Stuck up people
'Wrestling is Fake'
Being called stupid


One thing you will learn about Dragon very early on is that she has a very short temper. Just about anything can set her off. You could talk for too long, you could say something she thinks is supid, you could give her a weird look, a song she doesn't like came come on. There's a million things that can set her off. 

One of the things that can set her off the easiest is implying that she is stupid. Nothing will set her off worse than that. Implying that she's stupid will be the fastest way to getting punched that you could ever experience. 

Though, her temper does not mean she cannot be friendly. She's a bit rough to everyone when first meeting them, but it doesn't take very long for her to warm up to people. Of course liking something she likes, such as a movie or just fighting, will be the fastest way to befriending her. 


Something that stikes as obvious with Dragon is that her skin tone suggests her family is not native to the same land as her Lucha Libre lifestyle. Dragon was orphaned at a very young age and was adopted by a family in that land. Growing up it was always hard for her to fit in, as she was vastly different. Not only her skin color, but that she was abnormally large, not just for a girl, but for any kid her age. She was at least three inches taller than all the other kids. Her violent tendancies didn't help much either. 

During her schooling, she had huge difficulties. Not only was she having trouble getting friends due to being so different, but she was also having trouble learning. This caused some kids to start making fun of her, calling her stupid and teasing her for her low grades. This led to her getting into numerous fights during her time at the school. 

Eventually, it got so frequent that she was expelled from her school. Due to her foster families' low funds, they could not afford to send her to another school. Instead they did their best to home school her. With her spending so much time at home, she kept herself busy by exercising however she could. She also started watching more tv, where she discovered wrestling and action movies. 

Years later, she got into a fight with several of the school kids whom made fun of her years ago. She had not stopped growing since then and her exercising only made her bigger. Guess the kids assumed she wouldn't try anything. She was arrested for assault, but one of the witnesses happened to be someone working in the lucha libre industry. He got her out of jail and into a gym. She soon discovered she had a gift for wrestling. A unique one. Not only was she big and strong, but she was also agile and could preform high flying moves. 

She took the name Dragon del Cielo and first dawned her mask. She has not been seen in public without the mask since becoming a wrestler. Over the years she grew to become somewhat of a local hero. She was hired by a promotion near Lotus Town and due to it's close area to the promotion, she decided to move in. 

LT - ACTIVITY CHECK by NaiveSpaceman

Something I drew in class one day and liked how it looked on paper so much I took it into photoshop.

I think something got lost in translation. 

Steam Summer sale. I want money. I will draw for money.

Sketches - $2

Line arts - $5

Full Color - $9

Full Color and Shaded - $10

Chibis - $5

Character Turnaround/Ref Page - $9 - $11

3D Bust - $30 Example:

Background +$1

Extra character +$3

If you want to commission me then note me and we can discuss what you want and I can give you my Paypal account.

Prices can change, depending on what exactly you want but they'll usually stay around these prices. They'll be discussed.


Sketch Example by NaiveSpacemanCG Modeling - Polistes Rapere Venator Turnaround by NaiveSpacemanCG Modeling I - Venator Beauty Shot by NaiveSpacemanThe Spider Prince by NaiveSpacemanLOO - Gavan Reference Picture by NaiveSpacemanPouty Gavan by NaiveSpacemanVaxeen the Antibody by NaiveSpacemanSequioa the Nature Mage by NaiveSpacemanAziz the Peddler by NaiveSpacemanPony Examples 1 by NaiveSpacemanPW - Gale Winters - No APP by NaiveSpacemanPony Examples 2 by NaiveSpaceman

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